Fire Retardent Doors

Fire Retardent Doors

Aditya High performance Fire Retardent Doors

Aditya fire retardant doors are manufactures with the help of modern machinery and advanced treatment technology.

During the process of manufacturing FR door, the wooden block board core/ fire core board along with cross band and veneer are subject to special chemical treatment as per relevant IS specifications in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant.

This chemical treatment imparts the board maximum capacity to resist fire and also provide protection against attack from fungus, border and termites. Further, the process of klin seasonings reduces moisture to a considerable level.

Note: we supply fire retardant doors only. Our shutters should be installed with properly selected intumescent strips, fire retardant frame of specified rating and fire retardant hardware approved by CBRI, Roorkee, installation should be as per guidelines specified by hardware manufacturer. Only then the assembly will confirm to BS 476 part 8/22 and IS 3614 part 2 and IS 3809.

We offer FR doors in the following three types:)

30-minute fire retardant doors:

The glued crossband/HDF/ veneer and face veneer of combined thickness of 5/6 mm are applied on both sides of the block board/ fire core board type frame, the same is hot pressed under temperature of ( 140/150C and pressure of 14-16kg/cm2

60/120- minute fire retardant doors:

Adequate thickness of sesin impregnated mineral heat insulator is layered on both surfaces. The glued crossband/HDF/veneer of combined thickness of 5/6 mm are applied on both side of the block / fire core board type frame. The same is hot pressed under temperature of 140/1500C and pressure of 14-16 kg/cm2.

The doors are cut using double dimension technique at all the edges. They are smooth finished on the surface with belt sanding machines and then treated with fire retardant chemicals. The finished doors are finally doors are finally tested at the laboratory generally conforming to IS 5509:1980 Specifications and are ready for dispatch.