Compressed Alluminium Claded Checkered Flooring

Compressed Alluminium Claded Checkered Flooring

Sharp Ply aluminum composite for Automobile flooring for Long durability, Light weight

Sharp Ply aluminum composite bus flooring consists of treated hardwood and five bar 1.5mm thickness aluminum sheet pressed in 3500 tonne capacity hot press by hot & cold process. It i a composition of high densified product, unsaturated polyester and high degree polymer phenolic resin.

Application: Buses deck, heavy automobile floor, paneling, seats, back rest of seats. It can be sued for sound proofing, reduction in temperature & vibrations. Adhesive: a) BWP grade b) unsaturated polyester resin with cobalt and celerator spread at all four side of aluminium sheet up to 4H wide.


  • Thickness: 9 to 12mm
  • Sizes : 8x4 feet
  • Al. sheet thicknesses: 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Density : 0.845 to 1.00gm/cm
Technical Specifications (IS:13957:2010)
Length 2440 + 6
          - 6
Width 1220 + 3
          - 0
Thickness 12mm 12.10mm  
Suareness 2mm/1000mm 0.55mm
Edge Straightness 2mm/1000mm 0.50mm
Workmanship & finish Clause 7 Satisfactory
Physical Properties
Moisture Content ----- 7.80%
Bond quality test Boiling - drying@60+_20c 4Hrs. a) No visible delamination glue line and plywood face & aluminium sheet Satisfactory
-20Hrs. Third Cycles b) No forcible separation and fibre should be adhered with metal sheet Satisfactory
Static bending strenght Along the grain M.O.E Avg. - 7500N/mm2 15830.24 N/mm2
Across the grain M.O.E. Ind. - 6700N.mm2 9560.72 N/mm2
Along the grain M.O.R. Avg. - 4000N/mm2 14054.40 N/mm2
Across the grain M.O.R Ind. - 3700N/mm2
Avg. - 50
Ind. - 46
Avg. - 30
Ind. - 27
8480.23 N/mm2
102.84 N/mm2
70.95 N/mm2
95.40 N/mm2
60.20 N/mm2
Tensile strength Along - 95MPa
Across - 95MPa
112 Mpa
103 Mpa
Cross breaking strength Along - 1300/Kg/cm2
Across - 1200/Kg/cm2 
Glue Strength Along - 2200 N
Across - 2000 N
4235 N
3915 N
Impact Strength Along - 70/Kg/cm2
Across - 70/Kg/cm2
115 Kg/cm2
105 Kg/cm2