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Aditya is the first company to launch this European concept of light weight and eco-friendly honeycomb core in India


Now exceptional quality becomes economical

The honeycomb construction – originally developed for the air craft and space technology, provides optimal cover, high lad bearing capacity and rigidity to a structure. Since many years, honeycomb has been serving as very popular core material for doors worldwide.

Honeycomb core is made from chemically treated recycled paper. The basic strength of honeycomb comes from its hexagonal shape. Its high compressive and tensile strength undoubtedly makes it a unique, universal and reliable replacement for solid filling materials in the door making industry. These doors can withstand pressure of up to 8kg/sqcm.

Aditya is the first company to launch this European concept of light weight and eco-friendly honeycomb core in India, thus living a new dimension to Indian door making industry. The honeycomb core is imported from Honicel if Netherlands- a world leader specializing in supreme quality honeycomb cores.

Traditional doors are very heavy by weight and after some period start some leaning and jamming. Hence it requires considerable maintenance. Whereas, being light weight, ingenious honeycomb core has an edge over all problems due to deformability.

Honeycomb core has proven to be very durable all over the world and stands unaffected from moisture in all kinds of climates and extreme weather conditions. Being lightweight, these doors require minimum hinges and thinner door frames. This makes it economical in terms f hardware and fixing costs.

Aditya is very happy to offer you the benefits of this versatile material from Honicel. We are committed towards fulfilling our environmental responsibilities by promoting eco- friendly products which enriches the customer experience and abstains from causing damage to the nature.

The Difference Between Traditional and Honeycomb Doors
Consumes more wood Complete Eco friendly
Heavy weight Light weight
Traditional approach Hi-Tech Approach
Heavy Maintenance Low maintenance
Expensive Economical
Uneven/ Irregular surface in extreme climate conditions Flat surface/Durable in extreme climate conditions


Ecolax is popularly used as a core material of filled doors worldwide. Its introduction in India is not less than a revolution in the Indian door making industry. It is manufactured by a special methos of extrusion with the help of untreated of untreated saw mill residues and jute sticks on an eco- friendly basis.

These doors have been tested for Indian standards at our factory for over two years covering all climatic seasons- twice. It has enhanced bonding strength with PF/MUF resin. Ecolax board filled Aditya super flat doors are available in flush doors, veneer doors, decorative laminated doors and decorative moulded panel doors.

It is a unique board from Europe with the correct thickness and density of 400-450 Kg/m3 meeting E1 standards. Though it is lighter than wood, its outstanding properties make it an excellent substitute for timber doors. Its capacity of providing almost all the benefits of wooden doors is exceptional. These doors have great acoustic properties as Ecolax is an absorbent board dampening all sound. Their extra smooth uniform core offers relief from telegraphy impressions.

Screw Fixing: Use fully threaded parallel shank screws with overall diameter to core. Do not use wood screws.

Properties of Ecolax Board
Density of Board Kg/m3 400-450 EN-323
Moisture Content % 8-12 EN-322
Bending Strength N/mm2(min) 9 EN-310
Internal bond Tensile strength N/mm2(min) 0.35 EN-319
Surface soundness N/mm2(min) 0.65 EN-311
Formaldehyde class   E-1 EN-120

Tubler Boards

Sharp Ply has also launched the Tubler core filled doors having unique features like never before in Indian door industry. We import tubler core from sauerland spanplatte (1951), Germany.

The structure of tubler board is based on the age-old engineering principle of bridge arcs. Like a bridge construction, tubler core provides an ideal combination of light weight and powerful resistance. Compared to solid doors the weight of tubler core is reduced by upto 60%. This impressive fact proves that high quality doors do not have to be heavy.

Tubler and solid cores have a very low thickness sweeling, which is unusal for wood based materials. This makes them particularly suitable for doors with delicate surfaces. The special positioning of the particles guarantees a very high impact resistance. Doors with tubler core stand the greatest impact inpite of large diameter of the tube. Plus, it is termite and borer resitance.

Timber Core

Timber core is a traditional core extracted from natural resources. Timber core is very popular and common filler used for many years. Mango, Pine, Meranti etc. are commonly used species of timber. Strong and rigid timber core is also known as solid core or block board.

Timber is chemically treated as per IS: 10013 by a chemical known as CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic) and vacuum pressured as per IS: 401. CCA is a water soluble wood preservative which is applied by proper vacuum pressure scheduled by Full Cell Method or Fast Fluctuating Process of treatment.

As per international practices, timber members in services are classified in to different hazard levels depending upon circumstances of use. In India, the nodal standard for wood preservation is IS 401 i.e. recommended practice for preservation of Timber.

According to IS 401, we build timber doors of frames of Group 5 category. Group 5 includes building timber in interior use which is not in contact with ground or soil and used in dry conditions. The preservatives with individual salt retentions recommended for Group 5 is CCA 4 kgs/m3

The treatment strengthens the wood for durability. Chemically treated wood is generally seasoned at he automatic klin seasoning plant as per IS: 1141 reducing the moisture as per the standard requirement mentioned in the IS: 287.

Modern technology of 'finger joint system' for stile and rails not only makes the door stronger but also reduces the chances of warping to greater extent.