Plywood Battens and Dies

Plywood Battens and Dies

Aditya Ply for patterns and Dies is a hardened wear-resistant multi-laminated material in sheet form

Aditya Ply for patterns and Dies is a hardened wear-resistant multi-laminated material in sheet form, it can be used as an alternative to metals particularly for tooling, die-making, jig and mould-making. It is a combination of plastic resins and hardwood manufactured under specific pressure and heat. Owing to its practically non-porous texture, low vibration dampening and high density, it provides a hardness and high mechanical strength comparable to many metals. The use of selected hardwood veneers gives durability, uniformity and replaces expensive metal patterns or synthetic resin patterns.

Advantages of Ply for patterns & Dies

  • The main advantage of pattern Die Plywood is its ease in workability and machinability.
  • Its provides extremely high abrasion resistance, durability, hardness and uniformity.
  • It permits extraordinary high number of moulds without requiring repairs, owing to these advantages it is a cost effective replacement for metal patterns, jigs and dies.
Applications of Ply for Patterns & Dies
  • The use of pattern Die Plywood has been proven under the toughest conditions worldwide.
  • It is specified for high pressure, vacuum, automotive and jolt squeeze moulding machines manufacturing furniture handles, dies for stamp forging, sheet metal and anti magnetic parts.
Storage of Ply for patterns & Dies
  • Aditya Ply for Patterns & Dies Should be stored in a dry room.
  • IIt is recommended to cover the topmost panel of the stack.
Available in Thickness

2.5mm, 40mm, 100mm, 125mm

Technical Properties of Ply for patterns & Dies
Density IS: 1708 (Part-I) - 1986 0.9.1 gm/cc
Moisture content IS: 1708 (Part-II) - 1986 9%
Water absorption in 24 hrs. AS: 109 Feb. 2002 3% max
Tensile strength IS: 1734 (Part-6) 1983 600 kg/cm2
Static bending strength
Along the grain
Across the gain
IS: 1998 : 1962 1300 kg/cm2
Compressive strength IS: 1708 (Part 8-9)1986  
Parallel to laminate   750kg/cm2
Perpendicular to laminate   124kg/cm2
Hardness IS: 1586 : 1988  
(Rockwell 'H'Scale)   60
Impact Strength IS: 1998 : 1962  
Parallel to laminate   60kg/cm2
Perpendicular to laminate   30kg/cm2