H Beam

Formwork H Beam

The H-Beam is a unique introduction in construction industry to over come the cumbersome process of procurement of timber.

Fine-ported solid and firm timber

  • All material is being scanned by X-ray and assorted automatically for defects
  • For the difficult working conditions at building sites:
  • Economical, safe and effective
  • For more than 12 years P20 formwork beams ar being produced at Polomka,Slovakia


  • High loading bearing capacity at low weight
  • firm gluing(according to gluing certificate C)
  • highest safety level due to automatic sorting of raw material
Sharp Ply

P20 Standard

  • Formwork Beam produced according to European Standard EN13377 with solid 27mm 3 ply web. P20 Standard beams offer you a high level of product safety and an optimm cost effectiveness.
  • They are easy to handle and proven in practice for efficient formwork construction.
  • The strengthened web is unique on the market and grants durability for reliable formwork construction

P20 Protect

  • Protect -cap made out of stable plastic
  • Increased service life by reduced tear-outs at beams ends.

Better safe than sorry

  • Produced and certified according to european norm EN13377
  • Parmenent monitoring by internal testing laboratory
  • External quality control by authorised and certified german institute (eph Dresden): LEVEL M