Container Flooring

Container Flooring

Sharp Ply Superior quality Container Flooring.

Sharp Ply has an extraordinary long life densified flooring to offer for Container Flooring. Manufactured with state-of-the-art processes, this product provides a friction-resistant anti-skid surface, bonded with superior grade adhesives making it a high density plywood endowed with excellent strength, durability and all weather resistance

Aditya Densified Container Flooring is manufactured from veneers peeled from eco-friendly plantation timber and carefully seasoned to the required 6% moisture content. These Veneers are rotary cut, smooth and free from knots and splinters. Two layers of metal wire-mesh reinforcements ae added into the veneers and then impregnated with thermosetting adhesives conforming to IS: 848: 1974. Final densifications of the veneers is done under contolled condtions of high temperature and pressure.


TThe high density and metal wire-mesh reinforcements make Aditya Densified Flooring far Superior to metal sheets and salwood currently used as truck floorings. In fact, this flooring is 40% harder than Indian Salwood. Densified flooring does not show any wear and tear on the surface even in the environment of the road transport industry. Impregnation of thermosetting adhesives and high density, make this product extremely resistant against the abrasive action of mud, water, sand and extreme weather conditions. Aditya Densified Flooring also provides cost reduction due to its long life. It is available as per size requirements thereby reducing the number of joints and time and labour in laying the floors.

Applications of densified flooring
  • Truck flooring
  • Container flooring
  • Trailer flooring
  • Flooring of make shift house
Density 0.9 gm/cc 1.00gm/cc
Compressive strength IS: 1708 (Part-II) - 1986 9%
Parallel to laminate 1041 kg/cm2 1811.37 kg/cm2
Perpendicular to laminate 627.67 kg/cm2 700 kg/cm2
Static bending strength
Along the grain 1750 kg/cm2 1800 kg/cm2
Across the gain 300 kg/cm2 900 kg/cm22
Impact Strength
Edge wise Hardness 30.10 kg/cm2 35.16 kg/cm2
Hardness 750kg/cm2
Perpendicular to laminate 124kg/cm2
(Rockwell 'H'Scale) 45 55
Water absorption in 24 hrs 15% 6%
Swelling in boiling water in 8 hrs. 19% 10%
18mm for light vehicles, 25mm for medium vehicles, 35mm for heavy vehicles Only sharp ply can offer sizes up to 111X61 for exacting needs of