Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering Plywood

Sharp Ply Superior Film Faced Densifiecl Shuttering Plate (FFDSP)

Sharp Ply has a superior Film Faced Densifiecl Shuttering Plate (FFDSP) capable of a high level1 o. performance for varied uses in the construction industry like building bridges, tunnels, heavy industries power plant, defence structures and other concrete structures.

It is manufactured from selected veneers peeled from hardwood plantation and treated with specially manufactured phenolic resin for longer durability and better performance. The surface of Shuttering plywood is overlaid with 180 gsm Phenol Impregnated Film. The sides are resealed by acrylic paint to preserve moisture absorption and swelling. The entire process of manufacturing veneers, resins, film and densifiecl plates is completed in-house at a state-of-the-art plant with German collaboration. Shuttering Plywood can be supplied in sizes upto 11' x 5'


Aditya FFDSP has 30% more layers of veneers resulting in superior nailing, screw holding properties and load bearing capacity. The product has 300% more retention of resin than any 151 grade shuttering and is therefore simply a better product. Using Aditya Shuttering Plywood results in substantial cost saving since it can be used up to 40 times for shuttering applications. It improves construction speed and reduces manpower requirements.

It is the ideal framework material for precast, concrete moulds since it is free from dents, non-corrosive and imparts an evenly fine finish on the concrete surface. This results in additional cost-saving since no replastering or finishing is required.

Applications of Shuttering Plywood
  • In construction industry for walls, columns, slabs, beams etc.
  • In chemical factories for packing
  • Truck body manufacturing
Density IS: 4990 : 1993 0.96 gm/cc
Tensile strength
Along the grain
Across the grain
  85 N/mm
49 N/mm
Cross Breaking Strength
Along the grain
Across the grain
IS: 4990 : 1993 102 N/mm2
67 N/mm21
Glue Shear strength IS: 1734 Part 4  
Dry State
Along the grain
Across the grain
  150 N/mm
140 N/mm
Wet State
Along the grain
Across the grain
  140 N/mm
130 N/mm
200 mm span 470 kg 10669
300 mm span 155 kg 11875
400 mm span 70 kg 12712
500 mm span 40 kg 14188