Decorative PVC Doors

Decorative PVC Door Series

Sharp Ply Moulded Panel Doors with decorative PVC sheets

Sharp Ply Moulded Panel Doors with decorative PVC sheets are made up of the finest quality imported rigid PVC sheets, wood and fiber boards. These doors are aesthetically beautiful and more durable.

European standard raw material and hi-tech German equipment and technology facilitate us to deliver these highly elegant PVC finished doors. Apart from being Economical, their striking looks offer a grand charm to homes and interiors.

Also you have an additional benefit of zero maintenance as our doors require no polishing, painting or varnishing thus saving you additional expenses.

After applying P.U. resin on both sides of the board, PVC sheets are presses under temperature of 110C using membrane press. Theses PVC sheet doors are available in solid colors, wood grain and metallic effect in smooth, textured and glossy finish. We offer variety of shades to match your taste.

These doors can be laminated with PVC sheet on single or both sides. In addition, the doors can be easily fitted with hardware anywhere in to the frames as per your requirement.