Production Pallet

Production Pallet

Sharp Ply Production Pallet UPPLUS for Concrete Block Production

Sharp Ply UPplusĀ© production Pallets are always used, where reliable production of perfect concrete products is inalienable.

Sharp Ply UPplusĀ© production Pallets was esspecially designed for the extreme demands of the concrete block industry. The individual plancks for example are kiln dried and moulded with a dovetail joint. The tight fitting and firm conection and lamination of the planks guarantees a flat and homogenuos surface. This in turn ensures the high quality of your concrete products, enhances longevity of the board and reduces cost. The C-Profil edge protection prevents mechanical damage at the edges of the board.


  • Thickness: 40mm- 60mm
  • Length: 1080mm-1500mm
  • Width: 490 mm-1350mm


  • Production pallet sanded on both sides with 100% flat surfaces
  • Knotholes/defects professional plugged with laminated natural wood dovels/repair strips
  • Treated all sides with special impregnation oil
Sharp Ply


  • Wood species: Pine, Spruce, Larch


  • Planks connected with double dovetail joints
  • Additional gluing with waterproof PU Glue(wood glue)


  • C-profile edge protection made of galvanized steel secured with countersunk rivets and two force-fit impressions to avoid mechanical damages
  • Longitudinal edges slightll beveled
  • Double locking: Thanks to double dovetail joints and gluing with waterproof PU Glue(wood glue)
  • Especially developed to fulfil the extreme requirements of the concrete industry
  • Specific adaption of the moisture content of each individual order according to the customer's requirements
  • Very good transmission of vibrations and steady vibration behavior(continuous dovetail joints)
  • Especially well-suited for concrete block machines with rinsing equipment because dripping of water through the planks connection is impossible
  • Only selected and high quality softwood from top growing regions is used
  • Permenent quality assurance executed by our skilled workers at all stages of production
  • "used" boards are easily recyclable(Possible resaleable)
  • Containerloading according to Phytosanitary Standards ISPM 15/2005
  • International service by our export team